Peanut Oil

Our oil is produced from only the finest varieties of peanuts. Our operations, from cleaning and shelling to crushing follow stringent quality control procedures in order to provide the best quality peanut oil, which is ideal for cooking given its high smoke point and rancidity resistance.


A widely consumed food in many parts of the world, peanuts are consumed whole, as oil, as butter or even as flour.
Sudan is our principle source of peanuts through our large and diversified network. It is the fifth largest producer globally, and peanuts are the second largest crop in the country.
From seed selection and processing to packing and delivery, our quality team guarantees the most rigorous quality processes are followed. Our peanuts are also size and color sorted utilizing cutting-edge technology.


We source a wide range of sesame varieties across Africa, predominantly from Cameroon, Chad and Sudan. The latter accounts is amongst the world’s top eight sesame seed exporters. Sesame in Sudan is cultivated almost entirely under rain-fed conditions, namely in the states of Al Gadarif, Kordofan, White Nile, and Blue Nile.
Gadarif sesame (Simsim Al-Gadarif), is distinguished by its whitish color, and carries the name of the eastern Sudanese state in which it is grown. It is considered to be amongst the highest quality sesame seed varieties in Africa.